A Garage Door Opener System that Works Even During Power Outages


repair addison garage door batteriesGarage doors are the best when it comes to making the boundaries of our home and keeping our property safe. Nonetheless, it is one thing to install a garage door to keep strangers away and another thing for you garage door to lock you out. Most of the garage doors of the modern age are automated. This means that either these garages are controlled using a remote or are motorized. All these are classy state of art designs but a simple power failure can result in you being locked out of your own home.

So how do you stop this from happening? It’s simple, look for a garage door service provider that will automate your garage door as well as install power backup supply in case of power failure. The best service providers in the industry will install operators that function on battery to ensure that you don’t get stuck out of your garage when the power goes out.

Do I really need a battery backup?


dallas garage door batteries fix garage door remoteMost garage doors come with a manual override system which you can use to open the garage door whenever there is power failure. In the case of spring garage opener, most of the power that is used to raise and lower the garage door originates from the torsion on the springs which tend to act as a counterweight system. An electric motor is installed there to initiate the process whether up or down as well as ensuring the door moves in the right direction. Whenever there is power outage, the motor assembly can be disconnected from the door often at the end of the chain. An emergency release is often installed at the end of the chain and once released the door can be operated manually. Operating the gate requires a lot of energy and hassle.

To avoid all these hassle all you need is a backup battery system that will kick in and open and close your garage door once there is a power outage. The question of whether you need a garage door battery system solely depends on you. If you find it convenient lifting and lowering your garage door every time there is a power outage then good for you. However, if you desire the convenience of entering and living your garage door at any time without a hassle then you probably need a backup battery system especially if you live in areas that experience frequent power failure.

In conclusion, getting a backup power supply for you garage door is the best decision you will ever make. Let a professional help you find the best battery for your garage door and if you are lucky you will get a standby power supply that kicks in automatically when the power fails at a lower budget.


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