A popular, affordable opener for detached garages.

Dallas chain driven garage door openerOne of the most popular garage door opener that you will find in most homes is the chain drive openers. There simplicity and affordability makes them the ultimate choice for most home owners. The chin drive opener operates by the simple mechanism of a chain around a gear and a pulley system that opens and closes the door.

Technically they make a tremendous amount of noise during operation since it operates manually. Therefore, if your gate garage is located adjacent or below the main room then you may have to reconsider your options. However, if your gate garage is detached then this can be a good alternative since installation takes only a few hours.

Today, chain drive gate openers are being used in many homes however very few of the home owners understand its functionality. They sole purpose of a gate is to keep your property, children and pets safe and secure. Without chain link gate closers, then you will be forced to check regularly whether your gate is closed. Chain link fences are often made of very heavy posts which sometimes can be very difficult for you to open them. It is recommended that you understand their functionality first before making your choice.

Whenever you are thinking about going for a chain drive gate opener that are two basic choices you have to consider. The two choices include concealed and surface mounted chain drives. Surface mounted chain drives are usually mounted on the surface of the gate while the concealed once are usually hidden within the posts.

The chain link gate openers are also available in manual and automatic forms. The manual chain link openers function through the use of tension and compression forces. This implies that whenever the gate is opened, energy is generated which is stored in form of tension. The same energy is applied whenever the gate closes meaning that energy generated during opening is harnessed and in turn used during closing of the gate. The opening and closing mechanism of the gate opener relies on the spring tension. High spring tension generates a lot of energy during opening that may cause the gate to bang during closer hence the spring needs to be moderated in the recommended proportion. Gate valves on the other hand help to moderate the speed at which the chain link closes the gate. The valves basically create a delayed action that controls the momentum at which the gate closes.

Once you have a clear understanding of the functionality of the chain drive gate opener then it will be easy for you to make your purchase. Whenever you are shopping for these gate openers always keep in mind factors such as weight, functionality as well as cost.


The best opener if your garage is attached to your home

liftmaster 8550 belt drive

Belt drive gate opener is one of the most sought after gate openers in the market as they are silent and very user friendly. They do not have a chain link around them whenever they open or close the door making them just the best. A belt drive opener operates through a simple mechanism of a pulley that lifts to open the door. It is very easy to install as it only takes a few hours for it to get installed plus, in case your garage shares a wall with any type of living space then this will provide a perfect match, since it is very silent.

The belt drive opener is regarded as one of the best in the garage industry; they are not only reliable but also virtual silent making them a perfect fit. If your bedroom is attached next to the garage then you don’t have to worry of unnecessary noise coming from the garage gate as it’s virtually silent. Some of the best features that come with these garage openers include:

Solid extruded zinc and aluminum doors that keep away dust and rust. Gears that are strong, durable and permanently lubricated hence they will serve you for several years. These garage door openers made of advanced technologies help to ensure that the gates close more accurately and precisely without making unnecessary noises. They self-locking mechanism also comes in handy whenever there is a power failure ensuring that the get closes. Simply put, the gate has a self-locking gear which is released when there is a power failure. This gear enables the gate to be closed and opened through a simple pull or push.

With advanced gate openers you will find user friendly features that assist in moving the gates at comfortable speed which you can adjust depending on your preference. The advantage with these gate openers is that they have the ability to work in all weather conditions however you have to ensure that they are free of dust and moisture. They provided added security to your home as you can only open them remotely using a security code. Truth be told advanced machines are pricier than simple machines.

Whenever you are in the market looking for gate openers always insist on getting original and high quality product. Don’t go for ordinary gate openers as they may do the job well but only for a few weeks or months plus they can be a great inconvenience whenever they stop working for strange reasons. Lastly, it is always a good idea to educate yourself on the functionality and usability of the various parts of gate openers and the mechanism in which they operate.

An ideal opener where and temperature is constant

Lift Master Screw Drive2

Over the years, there has been a tremendous evolution in the garage and door industry. The evolution has seen change in the architecture, layout and design of the gate openers. Today a lot of people are looking for better ways to keep their property, kids and vehicles safe and secure. People go to great lengths to install the best security systems they can get. Practically the gate opener has become an indispensable part of the household.

Screw driven garage openers are a very popular type of garage openers found in the market. There mode of operation is more of similar to the belt and chain drive, however instead of a chain or belt pulling  the door, thy have a motor which turns the screw and in turn open and closes the door. In lay man’s language a screw opens and closes the door. This means when you press the remote button a screw turns and opens the door. Most folks prefer this types of garage opener as it is very efficient and requires very little maintenance compared to its counterparts. Consequently, they are very silent during operation plus they provide self-lubrication nonetheless they are no match compared to those driven by belts.

Screw driven garage openers are built to work in all types of weather conditions. Even in very intense temperatures they will still operate at their optimum performance. The secret behind their design is to prevent them from ever malfunctioning.

In places where the climate can be extremely cold screw driven garage openers still function and optimum. The openers have a one piece steel rail that eliminates binding completely hence reducing friction effect. An electric thermostat is also embedded on the opener which automatically self-adjusts depending on the variations in temperature. This adjustment increases the force applied on the opener as the climate gets colder ensuring a flawless and optimal performance.

In the case of very hot temperatures, screw driven garage door openers come with a no-lube drive system. This mechanism helps to ensure that no dirt or debris accumulates on the door that may lead to binding when the temperature gets hotter. In addition, screw driven garage door openers have back up power supply that helps them function in case of power failure.

People living in drastic conditions often incur challenges that can cut them off drastically from common amenities. However, thanks to the rapid development in garage door technology since many models today can withstand these drastic measures.

In summary, screw driven openers are least expensive compared to their counterparts. They work well in extreme weather conditions however they are recommended in places where the temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year. There shortcoming is that they are noisy and slower.


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