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Can You Operate a Prosper Garage Door with No Power?

The convenience of automatic garage doors is something that many homeowners appreciate. All it takes is the simple press of a button and you have easy access to the inside of the home or to the outside world, depending upon where the button is pressed. In fact, we may become so accustomed to the garage door opening and closing with such a simple action that it takes us by surprise, should it not work.

prosper garage door sliding lockOf course, if you have a Prosper residential garage door that is not currently working, you can contact Repairs Garage Doorss for help. Throughout the Dallas Metroplex, we can provide the assistance that you need to ensure that everything is working properly, and in keeping your home secure. Since we are available seven days a week, there's no need for you to be concerned if the problem happens to come on the weekend. Always keep us in mind when it comes to the installation and repair of garage doors. We are available for your needs, and we offer the professionalism that will make you comfortable with having us work on such an important item at your home.

At times, the garage door may not operate for the reason that there is no power. This is typically a temporary problem, but it can be a difficulty if your car is stuck inside and you need to get outside. In addition, you may have your car outside in the elements and you want to get it inside. In many cases, when we install a Prosper Garage Door, it comes with a manual release so it is possible to control your garage door, even if the power is out.

Typically, there is a red rope that hangs from the track on the door. When you pull this rope, the trolley will be released from the garage door track and it will allow you to use the garage door manually. When you start this process, it is important to make sure that the garage door is already in the down position. Keep in mind that releasing the door from the track could cause the garage door to come crashing down. This could be a real problem, especially if you or your vehicle happen to be under the door at the time. After the trigger is released, you can push the garage door up or down manually.

If you need to manually operate the garage door for an extended amount of time, make sure that you use the locking mechanism on the garage door itself. This will help to secure your home. You should also pick up the phone and contact Repairs Garage Doorss for assistance. We can be at your home to ensure that everything is working properly and to get your Prosper garage door up and running as quickly as possible, once a problem occurs.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Frisco Garage Door

There are many buying decisions that could be an impulse for homeowners. Perhaps we may pick up a knickknack here or there, but when it comes to making a large purchase, it is something that we need to consider carefully. That is the case when replacing your garage door, and throughout the Dallas Metroplex, it's a decision that is made by homeowners for a wide variety of reasons.

frisco garage door installationAt times, homeowners may consider replacing their Frisco garage door because the old one has become damaged in some way or another. In other cases, an update to the home to add some curb appeal may be necessary, and installing a new door on the garage is certainly one way for you to accomplish it. If you have any questions about choosing one or if you really need to make such a decision, you can contact Repairs Garage Doorss for assistance. We can walk you through the process, let you know the various options that are available and help you to be sure that you are making a decision that is right for your home and for your family.

It is also a good idea to ask several questions of yourself, and Repairs Garage Doorss can walk you through this as well. The first question is if you actually need a new garage door. At times, it may be necessary to replace the garage door because the old one has deteriorated. If you have metal doors on the home, they could be damaged or dented or if it is a wooden door, it may have begun to rot. Wear and tear is certainly a possibility on garage doors, and we can ensure that you are happy when you make the decision to buy a new one.

You also need to consider the type of garage door that you need. The fact of the matter is, there are many options available and homeowners can easily become overwhelmed with the choices. At Repairs Garage Doorss, we offer a wide variety of choices for homeowners and could direct you according to your needs and your budget.

Most garage doors come with a warranty, but you do need to consider the type of warranty that it includes. This is often something that depends on the manufacturer, but when you use Repairs Garage Doorss, you also have us standing behind our work in what we provide. We not only offer installation of garage doors, we are the premier Frisco residential garage door repair service as well. Keep that in mind when making your decision, because having us on call is like having extra insurance in case something should happen to go wrong.

Being Safe with Your Allen Garage Door Insulation

We want to ensure that our home is as safe as possible, not only for our families but for anyone else who happens to be on our property as well. Although there are a number of issues that can occur with the home, one that often surprises the homeowner is the garage door. You may not realize that many injuries occur every year as a result of garage doors, either being operated improperly or installed improperly. As a matter of fact, there were over 13,000 injuries just last year in the United States alone.

allen garage door insulationInstalling the Allen garage door properly is not something that should be done by the homeowner. The fact of the matter is, there are many dangers to the installation process, including issues with the springs that could lead to a loss of fingers or other bodily injury. In addition, you want to ensure that your home is secure after the garage door installation has taken place. That is why you should trust Repairs Garage Doorss, as we are the premier resource for garage door repair and installation throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

You should also keep some basic factors in mind when operating the garage door. These safety factors will help to keep your family secure and injury free.

First of all, you should always mount the control buttons for the garage door out of the reach of small children. Typically, it is recommended that they are at least 5 feet above floor level. You should also install them in an area where they are easily visible from the door. You don't want the children to be able to operate the garage door and they should know that it is not a toy.

Many homeowners are not aware of how to use the emergency release feature that is on most garage doors. When you have an Allen garage door installation done by the professionals at Repairs Garage Doorss, we will review this information with you. It will also be available in the owner’s manual. It may become necessary to use this feature, if an emergency should occur and the garage door needs to be opened or closed when the power is out.

How often do you inspect your garage door? You should actually give it a once over on a monthly basis. Look for problems with the cables, springs and rollers and if there is any sign of wear or damage, you should immediately contact Repairs Garage Doorss for repair services. You should never try to remove anything from the garage door, as it should only be done by a trained technician.

Finally, make sure that you test the reversing mechanism on the garage door by placing a heavy board or roll of paper towels under the garage door while it is closing. If the garage door doesn't reverse when it comes in contact with that item, make sure you call Repairs Garage Doorss for repair services.

The Top Reasons a Richardson Garage Door Replacement May Be Necessary

Throughout the Dallas Metroplex, garage doors are on almost every home and they are convenience that most homeowners would rather not do without. Not only do they give us easy access to the inside of the home and to the outside, when we are coming or going, they provide us a degree of security. Quite simply, having a garage door on our home is the only option available, if you have a garage. And that is why it may be necessary, from time to time, to replace your Richardson garage door. Here are some of the top reasons why you may make this decision.

richardson garage door replacementBefore we discuss the reasons, you should know that there are many reasons why you should hire a professional to do so. Not only is it important to ensure that everything is installed properly, the security of your home is at stake as well. When you contact Repairs Garage Doorss, you are using the premier resource for Richardson garage door repair and replacement. We are here to help you, and are available seven days a week for your needs. We can also help you to choose a garage door, if one of the following is a problem.

One reason why homeowners decide to replace the door on the garage is because they are trying to add to the value of their home. The fact of the matter is, we may not give much thought to the garage door but it is the first thing that people see when they are walking up to the home. Swapping out garage doors is a great way to add value and curb appeal. It is also an excellent choice for return on investment, as you may get as much as 83% return when you sell your home.

Are you concerned about utility bills? All homeowners are! When you have an older garage door, it is probably poorly insulated and this could be that a lot of your energy is simply escaping out of the home. Adding a new garage door will pay for itself when it comes to lower utility bills, and there are many other benefits to doing so as well.

Did you know that a new steel garage door can actually lower your insurance payments? If you have an older garage door, talk to your insurance company about the fact that you are going to be installing a new Richardson garage door on your home. You might be surprised to learn that they can reduce your insurance considerably and, considering all of the other benefits that go along with it, it's a choice you may want to make. Simply call Repairs Garage Doorss with any questions or when you are ready to make your choice.

Is a Little Elm Garage Door Repair Necessary?

In the springtime, many homeowners do a walk around to see if there is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. One of the features of the home that should be included in such a walkaround is the garage door. When you find any type of difficulties occurring with this part of the home, it is important to either have it repaired or if necessary, replaced. After all, the garage door is not only important for the convenience of getting in and out of your home, it's an important part of the security of the home as well.

little elm garage door repairOf course, if you are having any problems with the garage door, you want to call a professional who can care for the issue properly. Trying to repair the garage door on your own is not only dangerous, it could lead to problems that allow somebody into your home. At Repairs Garage Doorss, we pride ourselves on our ability to care for your garage door needs, regardless of whether it is a Little Elm garage door repair or if it is installing a new door on the home. We are available seven days a week for your needs.

One of the ways to check the garage door is to see if it is noisy. Not only is this a problem that could cause irritation to somebody inside of the home or in a nearby home, it is typically an indication that there something else going on in the background. For example, one of the common problems that could lead to a noisy garage door is if the metal rollers have gotten old. This is something that can be repaired by Repairs Garage Doorss and the rollers can be replaced if necessary.

Checking the weather stripping to the garage door is also important. Weatherstripping helps to keep the rain and other elements outside, and it prevents the air from being exchanged between the outdoors and indoors. If your weatherstripping is in need of replacement, Repairs Garage Doorss can do it for you. This is one of the most important things to consider, not only because of the way that old weatherstripping can look, it can save you a lot of money when it is replaced properly as well.

There may be a number of other issues with your Little Elm garage door as well. These could include the motor continually running, if it won't open or close with the remote or if it reverses immediately upon hitting the floor. These issues are more than an annoyance and you contact the professionals at Repairs Garage Doorss to care for the repair or replacement of the garage door at your home. We are here to help you, anytime you need it.


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