Fixing Garage Door Springs Quickly for Your Safety

It is very important that you cater for the repair needs of your garage door, whether it is torsion or extension they need to be taken care of with urgency.  If the repair requirements of your garage door are neglected then it could result to serious and dangerous problems. Just think of the precious and expensive items you keep in your garage. What if you don’t repair the springs in time and the door actually falls on your car, tools, lawn gear or anything else stored inside the garage? What if the door collapses on you or any of your family members causing unnecessary injuries? Apart from the safety risks there are also mechanical risks that may cause the spring to break and even damage the operator.

Whenever you discover any fault in the spring of your garage door then it is important that you seek the help of a professional. There are highly skilled professionals who have specialty in garage door openers and will help you with the necessary repairs promptly. Nonetheless, as much as springs can be very dangerous, with help of some careful tips you can be able to change the springs yourself.

Some of the tools you need include protective gloves, safety goggles, vice grips and a set of quality screw drivers. Once you have all these requirements follow the steps below;

  • Before you even start handling anything make sure you have put on the appropriate safety gear.  Repairing garage doors can be extremely dangerous owing to the sheer amount of tension which can cause injuries from any fault move.
  • Always make sure that you replace the springs of both sides of the door even if only one of the springs is broken. Regardless of which spring is broken replace all of them as it is a rule of thumb that if one is broken the other is on its way too.
  • Whenever you are replacing the door springs of your garage always ensure that you open the garage to the maximum.
  • Removing the broken springs is the most dangerous step of all. Remove the loops of the extension springs carefully and slowly.
  • You will need to get a replacement of the spring. Take the spring you have removed to a local supplier so that you get the exact match of the one removed.
  • Now that you have your new springs it is time to fix them. This is a very intense and tricky procedure hence; ensure that you loop the springs into place appropriately.

There it is your garage door springs are replaced, make sure that you un-clump your vice grips and put in place. Check to see if your garage door is working properly and smoothly with no unnecessary noises.


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