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It is the dream of every homeowner to have every part of their property complementing each other. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the beautiful nature of your home should be appealing to every eye as well as provide a reflection of your personality. The garage door is a very important part of your home décor as it forms the primary entry into your home. Apart from decorative purposes it is the basis of your home security and should guarantee total safety of your property.

Different types of garage doors exist in the market to cater the overwhelming needs of different home owners. Different homes have different styles that represent diverse appearances and design décor. You will find homes that have a traditional look others having a modern look while some having a more vintage appeal. It all goes down to the personal appeal of the homeowner.

Professional Garage door sales

New Garage Doors Dallas MetroplexThe best and only way to end up with a high quality garage door that will complement the beautiful look of your home is by hiring the services of an expert. There are many garage door installation service providers out there who are able to help install your garage door. They provide these services at considerable affordable prices however the most important thing is the type of garage door. A well reputable garage door service provider will have connections with the best and leading manufacturers of garage doors for residential homes.

The service provider will handle all the acquisition and installation services plus ensure all the maintenance needs of your garage door are well catered for. The service provider should be able to advise you on the type of garage door that best fits your home as well as the hardware components that you require. The hardware components entails rollers if you are going for roll up doors, belt for belt driven doors and spring for spring controlled gates. There are many other hardware components out there hence you need to enlighten yourself first before making your choice.

Choosing a new garage door for your home is like choosing new house paint for your home. Apart from considering the beauty aspects you also need to look at other external factors like weather. If you are living in an area with adverse weather condition then you may have to think twice about the type of gate you choose as to minimize repair and maintenance issues. Some of the garage doors and its components maybe susceptible to corrosion hence request the service provider to find corrosion resistant materials. This will save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

Aluminum Garage Doors

plano new garage doors aluminum

Garage doors are made of diverse and unique materials. Aluminum is one very common material used to make garage doors. Aluminum garage doors are considered to be light and easy to install. There serve the same function as the other materials which is providing security as well as increasing the aesthetic value of your home. There are many advantages that come with installing aluminum garage door in your home.

For a start aluminum garage doors are easy to install due to their light weight. This implies that the professional installing the garage door will require less man power to install the garage door resulting to low installation charges. The light weight in aluminum garage doors is of advantage when it comes to repair and maintenance needs. The most common problem in most garage doors is the weight as it exerts pressure on the moveable parts. Excess pressure causes the parts to wear out or incur mechanical problems. With aluminum garage the pressure is very low due to light weight hence reducing the maintenance and requirement needs to almost zero.

The weight of aluminum garage doors also comes in handy when it comes to power outage. In times of power failure you will find that garage doors come with an emergency opening mechanism. It simply involves disengaging the electric motor from the chains. This type of mechanism operates without power and requires you to open the garage door manually. If the weight of the garage is too heavy then you will need additional manpower but with the weight of aluminum garage door you don’t need an extra hand.

Aluminum has its advantage of being resistant to corrosion unlike other materials like steel which are prone to corrosion due to rust. Homeowners living in areas like near costal oceanic lines don’t have to worry of the condensation of sea air as it doesn’t affect aluminum garage doors completely. Simply put aluminum garage doors guarantee lifetime warranty with little or no maintenance at all.

Aluminum has the ability to be recycled and has been termed as eco-friendly in nature. If you are the kind of person who is cautious of environmental awareness then you might have just found your best alternative. Consequently, aluminum garage doors are embossed with a stylish texture and can be furnished with any color and style to meet individual expectations.

The only shortcoming with aluminum garage doors is that they are not resistant hence can be dented easily with minimal pressure. On the contrary, carrying out repair is very easy you can even do it on your own. They are also considerable cheaper than their counterparts making them a favorite for most home owners.

Steel Garage Doors

Richardson steel garage doors repair experts

Survey shows that many people think of steel garage doors as unpleasant industrial overhead doors. Sadly, those people’s opinions couldn’t be more wrong, as steel garage doors are found to be stylish and is very suitable for ideal modern homes. Steel garage doors are known to be very strong and durable. They also have the ability to be furnished in any design, color and style to complement the look of any home.

Scientists term steel garage doors as being eco-friendly due to its ability to be recycled and put to good use other than disposing of it and creating pollution. Perhaps your eco-leadership can further aid in your neighbors, family and friends taking your path towards a safer and better tomorrow.
One of the major key advantages of steel garage doors are besides it being lightweight it is extremely tough and durable. This means they can withstand excess amount of pressure on them that can result to dent. These doors are recommended for businesses that deal with heavy machinery as well as residential homes. The steel doors prove not only to offer a prolonged lifespan but also security due to its strength and durability.

Gauging on the thickness of the steel garage door, installation can vary. Whereas, if your door is found thick enough, its insulation will be up to standard and you will be capable of having complete temperature control over the areas your door tends to cover. Steel garage doors however tend to have a problem with weather as extreme humid or salty conditions can result to corrosion. Nonetheless most steel garage doors today are galvanized to make them resistant to corrosion.

Steel garage doors are found very easy to maintain. As they require very little work which is another key advantage as to why they are very popular. The last thing you need after a busy and tiring day is your garage door jamming up. Since, all it requires is just a little grease now and then and you are good to go. This saves you a great amount of money and time plus on the other hand offers you quality service for a fair price.

Steel garage doors are well known for their durability henceforth, making it the most popular material used in the making of garage doors in the market. Steel however stands out as it can maintain a good appearance and last for a longer period. Steel garage doors are however found very versatile, since steel has one key advantage and that is, it’s remarkably a very light material. Due to this, steel garage doors offer quite little strain and stress when opening and closing your garage door. Therefore, this leads to added years of use and quite a few maintenance issues in the long run.

Wooden garage Doors

New frisco tx wooden garag doors installed

It is scientifically tested and proven that all timber-based wooden doors are environmentally friendly compared to polyvinyl chloride pipe. Timber based products are found to have a negative global warming potential and as a result that over their 60plus years of service life they actually help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Wooden frames are known to be resistant to temperature variations because of their high R-values. And it being a bad conductor of heat and electricity it is therefore less prone to condensation and therefore, escaping factors like rusting and corrosion.
Wooden frames also offer very good and appealing looks in the building. As it can also be polished or painted in any color or shade and easily fit to blend with the surrounding. This not only gives your house an attractive look but also offers you great deal on the resale value of your house to potential buyers.

Wooden doors are well known for their eco-friendliness and if you should choose to purchase you should not forget that they are choosing energy efficient and environmentally friendly wooden doors. Since, they are found to be carbon neutral and are naturally renewable; this means they tend to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they actually produce.

Wood is a rather strong and durable material making it very handy in garage door manufacture. It is a very good insulator of heat apart from being renewable hence termed environmental friendly. Wooden garage doors provide unique luxury with amazing performance and comfort for you and you’re loved around your home. This is the reason why timber is termed as one of nature’s masterpieces. In the market you will find wooden garage doors made of very unique designs that meet 21st century demands.

Choosing your wooden doors for your home might bear a big decision and we acknowledge that you must be satisfied with not just the design but much more than just the product we tend to offer. Besides its appealing look and a well of performance most importantly your decision is bound to feel right and satisfactorily.

Last but not least wooden garage doors complement the beauty of your home. They blend well with any outdoor setting and if your home has a vintage traditional look then the better. The advantage with wooden garage doors is that they can be customized further to suit your individual needs. Custom made garage doors are the best and its highly recommended that you go for them.

Wooden garage doors are relatively easy to repair and maintain. The only challenge they have is change in weather conditions as sudden change in temperature creates gaps and cracks on the wood. Nonetheless carrying out repair is relatively cheap

Fiberglass Garage Doors


Allen Fiberglass garage door repair and installationIn the market you will find most folks looking for cheaper garage doors. There is an overwhelming number of garage doors made of diverse materials designs and styles to suit different homeowners. Fiberglass is one very common material that is used to make garage doors. Fiberglass doors were never there in the past hence is considered a recent development in the technology of garage doors.

Fiberglass garage doors serve the function of keeping weather as well as prying eyes from entering your home. They serve very little function in terms of keeping unwarranted entries to your home. However as technology has advanced, modern fiberglass garage doors have the capability to keep away unwarranted entries as they are made to be very strong and durable. Fiberglass doors are generally manufactured to be very light in weight. They are often supported with aluminum frames which add to their light weight. You will find fiber glass garage doors that are made of a single layer of fiber glass to be fetching very low prices in the market this is very handy for someone who is on a low budget garage door installation.

A fiberglass garage door is made using of fiberglass sections with aluminum frames, resulting into the overhead garage door being lightweight. This makes them easier on torsion wheels, other garage door parts and garage door openers. A lighter garage door enables manual operations to be made much easier, in the case of if your garage door opener jams up or if your lift spring breaks.

In the market fiberglass doors are relatively cheaper than other options and tend to hold a better performance in harsh environments. This applies if you happen to be situated around the coastal areas of an ocean, such areas experience air condensation almost throughout the year and can have corrosive effects on steel and metal iron garage doors. The non-corrosive nature of fiberglass enables it to have a prolonged lifespan where you will find manufacturers offering lifetime warranty. Fiber glass garage doors are generally capable of overcoming condensation as it is the major cause of rusting and corrosion of metallic parts.

One other key advantage of fiberglass doors is their ability to mitigate the effects of sudden weather changes like temperature variations which causes materials to expand and contract causing deformities. Apart from that fiber glass doors can be furnished with different styles and color to provide a luxurious appeal.

In the case of using your garage workout, study room, hobby shop or any social purpose you might bearing mind, fiberglass is translucent and therefore allows more light to penetrate into your garage space. However, this would not be the case if you painted your garage door with a dark paint.


Insulated Garage Doors - Are there benefits?

Insulated garage doors will greatly aid in keeping the inside of your house cooler in the winter and warmer during the summer. During the winter it will greatly reduce the heat bills especially if your garage is part of the house. Due to the insulation providing a much warmer temperature this will make it much easier to ignite your vehicle on a cold morning, and help in reducing environmental tear and wear on your vehicle. This would be really important especially if you use your garage as a storage space besides it being a parking space for your vehicle.

During the fall and spring the insulation greatly helps to reduce temperature variations. As many nights might appear to be very cold, whereas, the days to be very warm. This temperature variation enables condensation. Condensation is the process where small beads of water begin to form when warm air cools rapidly, occasionally forming on metallic objects. This serves as a big concern for electronic equipment around an insulated garage. In the long run, condensation will eventually result to corrosion on those parts and the electronics will malfunction, resulting to costly repairs.

A well-insulated garage door suited with a perimeter weather seal will greatly assist to prevent pests from finding their way inside the garage. Pests like rats, squirrels and at times larger animals like raccoons, stray cats and skunks will try to forge a way inside your house through small openings, or if they sense heat penetrating through a crack found besides your garage door in the winter. A perimeter weather seal greatly reduces the scents of food, or your green recycling bins scent from leaking outside which will further reduce the chances of pests venturing in your garage.

Besides the many things a garage door has to offer appearance is what majority of our customers demand. And insulated garage doors are able to maintain an appealing look and be more suited to a modern home design. Hence, it happens to come with a variety styles, colors and texture. This enables us to not only you provide quality service but also to assure your satisfaction and desires are up to your expectations.

Insulated garage doors outstanding appearance has proven to boost your home’s resale value. Insulated garage doors being a sought out feature in most houses as it is found to be more energy efficient and gives your house an attractive look. This makes potential buyers dig deep in their pockets to fetch you better deal if you decide to sell your house.

As a wind up, properly insulated garage doors will offer better insulation and weather seal will further enhance your garage, lower your electricity bills, and help in safeguarding your valuables. In the long term, we will guarantee you a better value for your money. Not forgetting the affordable prices we offer for your purchases and ensuring we also do provide quality service in the long run.

raised panel garage doors

Raised Panel

Add depth to your garage door with C.H.I.’s raised panel design, available in both short and long panel options. The raised panels start with a recessed edge, but the interior surface of each panel is brought slightly forward, adding just a hint of definition to a classic garage door design.


residential styles recessed panel

Recessed Panel

In a nod to the past, this beautiful, recessed panel provides the look of traditional wood frame and panel construction, shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish.


residential styles flush panel

Flush Panel

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, our flush panels provide straight, clean lines for understated elegance, plain and simple.


residential styles carriage house overlay

Carriage House Overlay

C.H.I.’s line of carriage style doors is carefully crafted, resulting in an exceptional collection of traditional doors. Whether you prefer the strength of steel, the durability of fiberglass or the beauty of rich, natural wood, you’ll find the garage doors you want here with details you won’t find anywhere else.

residential styles carriage house stamped

Carriage House Stamped

Strength and design come together to carefully craft our stamped carriage house doors. Shaped from steel and embossed with a wood grain finish this series beautifully replicates the timeless look of carriage style doors.

residential styles accents planks

Accents Planks

Guaranteed to be the focal point of any home or business, the C.H.I. micro-grooved door, available in accents woodtones, is exceptionally versatile as it is beautiful. The clean, simple lines of the grooves allow this door to easily blend in with traditional or contemporary styles.


Beautiful and Long-Lasting Garage Doors

Long lasting frisco garage door installationIt makes more sense to install a complete new garage door instead of trying to repair the old one that has seen better days.  A good garage door complements the beautiful look of your home. It should be the one that is the envy of the neighborhood. There are many types of garage doors out there in the market, getting one that best befits your home won’t be a problem.

Gone are the days when garage doors were operated manually, in the modern society you will find garage doors that are operated through a remote control or those that are motorized. When it comes to setting up your garage door the most important thing you need to consider is the material used. Choosing the right material is no easy task as you will have to consider material that is strong and durable plus one that will complement the looks of your home. Some of the most common materials used today are wood, fiberglass and steel.

There is a wide variety of garage door out there, overhead garage door being the most popular among most homeowners. Most homeowners find overhead garage doors to be more user-friendly as they come with automatic begin and stop features as well as wide array of options and safety features. The garage door operates by the mechanism of rolling that is the door rolls up and stops along the roof of the garage. They are very quiet, compact and smooth in operation.

Wooden garage doors are preferred by many due to their durability and cost. Wooded garage doors come at very low prices due to availability and ease to make the doors. You will find most garage doors made of cedar as it is very strong and easy to craft. The only disadvantage with wooden garage door is that it expands and contracts with weather changes hence creating warps or cracks in between. Proper maintenance is required throughout the year especially painting and refinishing.

Steel garage doors are the alternative of wooden garage doors and also very common in most homes. The advantage of steel garage doors over wooden garage door is that they won’t crack or warp due to weather. Today most manufacturers are galvanizing the steel doors and giving them a polyester finish leaving them with a stylish look. Consequently they won’t get rust hence low maintenance requirements.

Fiberglass doors are an advanced type of garage door and are widely used in areas where lighting is required or in salty ocean climates. Fiber glass is a very tough and durable material and only requires a mild exterior finish to give them that wonderful appeal.

In conclusion, each of the garage doors mentioned above are the best you can find in the market. They all have their advantages and shortcomings however, when it comes to giving your home that beautiful look you will surely find one.


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