Replacing Both Springs

The springs of your garage door are the most essential parts since they are responsible for opening and closing the garage door. They may be operating manually or remotely depending on the technology you use. Like any other working part of an appliance the springs will eventually wear out and require replacement after some time. Most assume it’s a do it yourself kind of thing however it can be potentially dangerous if try and replace the springs by yourself, better live it for a specialist.

There are different types of garage door openers out there some have single springs while others have double springs. Most often you will find garage door openers that come with double springs. Both springs work hand in hand and you will find out that they wear out at the same time but sometimes you will find that only one of the springs is worn out. When carrying out spring replacement it is recommended that you replace both springs since if one if faulty then it means the other one is on its way too.

Replacing garage door springs requires the help of a specialist, never to it alone. Doing it yourself is not recommended as it may result in not only injuries but also unprecedented damages and distraction of property. Garage door springs have a lot of tension in them; if they are not released carefully then they can be very dangerous. Seeking the help of a specialist will save you a lot of time and effort. For instances, garage door springs come in different sizes and quality. How many trials will it take you for you to find the right size? A specialist will know the size of your springs and the best quality that will last for long without causing any mechanical failure.

Garage door springs are available at local retail stores near you. They vary depending on the size, manufacturer and quality of product. Some vendors sell only high quality springs from reputable manufacturers while you will find some low quality once at very competitive prices. A good and savvy buyer will go for high quality springs even if they fetch a slightly higher price since at the end of the day they will last longer than the generic once.

Whenever replacing both springs of your garage remember to inspect the other mechanical parts of the door. This is because these parts were installed probably the same time as the springs and like any other working part they are susceptible to damage especially the moveable parts. After all the installation is complete check to see if all the springs are installed properly and the loops are returned to their normal place. Make sure that all the moveable parts are fully functional and that they meet the safety standards.


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